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jaydee's Kids Mega Store Updates + Collection Week 2

EDIT: I accidentaly deleted my previous post :$ Just putting it back up. (internet explorer...)

Hey everybody!

It's a new month, and I am now one year older :) My birthday was great, and many of you guys contributed to that by making my sales succesful enough that it payed for my party supplies! I'd like to start off the month by giving a little back to you guys <3:

1) The first FIVE orders over 50$ this month will get FREE SHIPPING!

That's right, to thank you guys for being such great customers and overall kind and supportive of my store, the first five 50$+ orders in my shop will receive free shipping. This of course means that orders 100$ or more are free as well, as long as they ar part of the first five :)

2) The FIRST person to make an order over 150$ this month will receive a free 10% voucher for their next order!

I've had a few pretty big orders since opening the store, and those are always lovely surprises to come home to! As a thank you, the first person to place such an order this month will receive 10% off their next order, which is valid for as long as I keep the shop open :)

3) If over 20 orders are placed this month, every member who placed an order will be entered into a draw to recieve a FREE POKEDOLL!

This is something I've been thinking about for a while. It's something I've always wanted to do to reward members for shopping with me! If this raffle is successful this month, I will be continuing it for next month as well. :)

In case you haven't seen the last post, I added a bunch of new kids to the shop last week! If you are looking for newer Pokemon kids figures, I added over 500 GEN 5 Pokemon Kids to the store, as well as updating quite a few other sections! I sold out rather quickly last time of my Gen 5 Pokemon, and this time it seems like they will be going fast as well! The link to my store is below :)

As always, here is my link to the store : Jaydee's Pokemon Kids Mega Store

Click on the link above of the photo below to be transported <3

So last week I posted a little story about my favourite pokemon to collect, and two of my favourite items. This week I have another part of my collection I'd like to show to all of you :) Just follow the cut!

Last week I showed you guys my Pikachu plush, and told you about my love for him. This week I wanted to show everybody my shelf where I keep my Chus' <3

Shelf 1

The Pikachu shelf is where I keep all of my favourite Pikachu plush, along with all non-clear kids figures! The giant Pikachu in the middle is actually a Kids figure as well. He was part of a promotion during the 10th anniversary, and I managged to snag him a few months ago for a decent price :)
I had seen him for sale on Y!J many times, but always for over 20000 yen, which is a bit much for me. This little guy was a tiny bit damaged, but I manged to get him for 75$ with fees included! He had a little bit of paint chips on his ears, but with a very high-quality permanent marker, I managed to fill in the gaps without it being noticable. The postman Pikachu is here, as well as the two promotional Pikazards from the Mega Tokyo promotion. The Pikachu on top, fits just above the Giant Pikachu Kid, and it looks like the Pikachu Kid with mini pika on top! I love how that little section looks <3

The D-arts Kanto Starters are my favourite D-arts figures, and have been here for quite some time. I have a very strong attatchment to Kanto, as many other "trainers" do, since I started my journey with the games when I was a little kid. They are honestly great figures, and it's a shame that they are sold out everywhere and impossible to find/really expensive now! I'd recommend them to anybody, just be careful with Venusaur, as it's a bit more fragile than the other two!

The display case behind is where I put my kids figures when I started collecting them years ago; I have never changed those kids in that case since the day I put them in. Those were my favourite kids at the time, and alot of them still are. :) I should definitely consider switching them up a bit though ahha. Vegeta stands guard to protect all the little guys, he is the Professor Oak of this shelf :$ (The backscratcher is there too as I forgot to remove it when taking the picture)

What Pokemon in your collection do you guys have a specific shelf for? Take a picture and show me in the comments :D

Thank you guys for reading my little story, and hopefully you enjoyed the second little Sunday Collection Post. :)

As always guys, I'd love if I could serve everyone of you, and bring some Pokemon Kids into your life ahha :D

If you guys have any questions regarding Kids figures, ask away and I will do my best to answer them!

Until the next update,
Jaydee here,
signing off
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