deathstar899 (deathstar899) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Cleaning advice? Hair stuck in fleece material

So, overtime, my charizard Y plush has gotten some hair embedded in its fleece(?) parts. It's not noticeable unless you like look very close up, but it'd be nice if there was a way to fix this. I've tried lint rollers, a toothbrush, pet brushes, and the only one that's worked are tweezers but when I try to get it out with them (the hair is kinda deep), it's pulling fibers with it and its damaging the material, so I don't want to create a hole. Other little fuzzballs get caught in it too so it can kind of makes it look like there's dirt on it when there really isn't. . . :/
Any advice on cleaning the fleece material? Would soap and water work? Or are there other cleaining methods?
I do realize this is my fault, since they're always on my bed. I've been better about that and I'm trying to keep my upper portion of my bed where they stand as neat and clean as possible. I'm not as hardcore of a collector and I like having them on my bed and not on a shelf (just personal preference) ;w; so yeah I guess it's my fault for keeping them there; this is sort of to be expected but I'd like some way to at least clean it (if there's a way; if there's absolutely no way to get it out, then I guess I'll accept defeat and just be more careful), so I can prevent this with my newer plushies

hope you can see it. . .  it's basically a hair splinter
Tags: plush
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