Heenz (heenz) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Auction lost, and Eevees have arrived! =D

Unfortunately, we lost the large Hasbro/Jakks group auction, because someone reeeeeally wanted it, and we didn't have quite enough bidders to win. But, there's some good news, too!

Sososo. I missed the package yesterday, cause I'm stupid. :3 But we got it today! o0_Kai_0o nearly raped the poor delivery man out of happy.

I'll be mailing all of them out tomorrow morning, since there's a doctor's appointment to take care of today. :3 They're all mint, and have their tags, and are oh-so-cute. Smell pretty good, too!

Does anyone have any tips on what to ship them in? I'm kind of reluctant to put them in a bubblemailer, since they're so expensive....

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