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Tingles Your Taste Buds!

Final Call-out for Washingtonians and Discounted Sales!

Hello everyone! I made this announcement a few days back, with very little success, so I thought I'd make one final last call-out to community members. To my knowledge, there's quite a few of us located in the rainy state of ol' Washington, and I thought this upcoming turn of events would be a great reason to do a mini PKMNCollectors meet-and-greet of sorts. ♥

Said event in question is Aki-Con. This anime convention commences its first year in downtown Everett at the Holiday Inn during the weekend of November 7th - November 9th. Pre-registration is still open for all three days till the 30th of the October at a sweet deal of $25. I will personally be there the entire weekend, and to my knowledge, friskavk is also attending, and I'd love to see a few more familiar faces there!

Aki-Con PKMNCollectors Meet-Up Plans

Ideas: Per the cosplay photoshoot schedule, the Pokemon cosplay photoshoot takes place at 4 PM on the Saturday, November 8th, which I imagined would be an excellent initial point where we could all get together. In the case we grab more interest though, more ideas would greatly be appreciated!

Attending Members:


While I'm here, here's just another call-out that quite a bunch of goodies are still available at my past sales post! Most, if not all, items have been discounted accordingly and a few minor additions have been tossed in, namely zukan!

Again, thanks for looking everyone!
Hopefully we'll get more of a response this time around! ♥
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