yumifun (yumifun) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Last chance for me to sell anything other than flats!

Hi everyone! I'm here today with my sales again. The reason is that our postal service has really lost it this time. Shipping charges are increasing again but the most ridiculous thing is that they are dropping the 3cm width limit to 2cm and if the package/envelope is wider than that the charges become really expensive! And because 2cm is almost nothing it means I probably won't be selling anything else than flats when the limit comes into effect (9.2.) :((

BUT! There is still 3 days left! So come and check out my sales post because this is really the last chance to get some figures etc. from me!

Sorry about the boring short post! >_> I promise to make a more interesting one next time.
Hope you'll all have a great weekend ^3^

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