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A Few Things for sale

Hello to one and all. I come bearing some more items for sale, including a few added freebies. Hope you find something that interests you. :)

Deoxys bundle! I hate to part with these, but I need to focus on only a few Pokemon to seriously collect. I have a couple of items of Deoxys I will not part with. They are all in mint condition. The front three items I have bought from members in this community. If I don't get any interest from you guys in regards to buying them as a set, I will separate them. So feel free to express interest any any particular item.

EDIT: The new bundle set price is $13. The build-able has been taken.

All the leftover kids. Shieldon is the newest one that came out of a 5-pack. All are brand new and still in their plastic wrappings as you can plainly see. All are $4 each

Front and back of a very rare holo sticker of Ditto-pi/Togepi. As you can see it dates back to 1998. It's number is 000. It came with a sticker album, of which I'm keeping. This sticker is in mint condition/never used/no scratches/dents/imperfections. I'm asking for $4 on this sticker, but I'm open to best offers. Don't be shy when throwing out a number. :) SOLD


You may choose one for free with any purchase. Be aware that shipping will go up a bit if you request a freebie figure with a flat item purchase. Individually, Aron is 25¢, Jirachi (used to belong in a pokeball keychain, so she has a hole in the back of her head) is 50¢, and tail-less Pikachu is $1.

Anything can be combined with items from my shop. Thank you for looking and have a great day. ^_^

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