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Haven't posted my collection in a while, so here i go!

Hope i don't scare some of you away.. Something I didn't even post last time. I have quite a few shelves in my closet, sooo... Extra Space + Random items + Pokemon = ????!

Under teh cut!!

*Image-Heavy Warning*

First, here's the corner of my room where i spend most of my time. I like being curious and seeing other people's places, how they set/up arrange their stuff, etc, so maybe you're curious too?

This is my main display of stuff!! It's got more than just pokemon as you can see. ^^; I wanted to take close ups of my faves, BECAUSE I LOVE MY STUFF SO MUCH, but i didn't wanna spam you all with too many useless images. XD

Alright, so here are some pics from my closet~ I'm coming out of the closet!
I made this display YEARS ago, but never felt any reason to take it down. Displaying my monsters on shelves looks more clean and organised, but i have all these random sceneries left over from my childhood so i decided to make a more creative display!

I think it looks so cool. Despite that though, due to space and (mostly) me getting tired of this rather childish presentation, i'll probably be taking it down sometime soon. :/ So I'm taking lots of pics and showing off while i can, lol. (It's not that much of a problem, but i just would like everything to look more simple and clean.)

My closet has a couple more shelves full of STUFF, but that's enough pics for now. Not all of them are pokemon anyways. :x

invertedroum , i already recieved your package! (The Vap in the pic i already had, lol. card set complete!) The cards are perfect. I hope things go well on your end. It should arrive in a few more days (if it hasn't arrived already). :3 (Do you have a member feedback thread? I can't seem to find it.)

Oh! yaoi_queen 's package arrived just as i was typing this. Here's my Articuno...half. :'D Apparently its a DX Kids figure, but i've never seen a complete version of it. Is it *supposed* to be cut in half ? It's such an odd figure. O_o

Mah main cards binder~ I did some weeding and it's filled with just my faves now. It's all bound with duct-tape and covered with card packs. I've had this same binder since i first started collecting pokemon back in 1999. ;]

Oh and feedbacks... I've left member feedback for everyone who i've ordered from, but i have a feeling i missed someone (raise your hand if that's you!) If i bought something from you , could you leave feedback for me as well? I only have one feedback :'D Ohwell, i don't think it matters that much..

Finally, here is my dear Vulpix...!

Tailssss <3 Lol, foxbutt. The light made it look fiery!
I made her earlier this month.. came out alright i guess. ^^; Made of Sculpey clay, with some figure paint. I love Vulpix but have no merchandise of it (except for cards), so I just made my own. I'm making a Ninetales next, but that will be non-chibified. *_* I don't think i should post it here when it's done though, since it's not official merchandise, and I'm not selling it either. :x I'm stumped as to how to get sales permission here, i think i'm still too new to the comm for that or something. :/

One more thing: MY WISHLIST!!
Finally made. ;D Sellers might want to check it out, although there isn't much i can buy right now, considering:




Have a nice rest of the day, everyone ^^

PS. I just noticed that Kieon (the personal community I made to keep track of my wishlist and stuff) has 2 random watchers, before i even posted this. O_o Uhm.. you're welcome to join too of course. X'D
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