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Always a sucker for a fixer upper - Pokemon Clock Restoration

I was approached by a private seller who had acquired a pokemon center clock for a very good price.
The only problem is that there was strong evidence that the clock had been dropped and was in 'almost" working order. Considering a NIB clock can fetch upwards of $500, I couldn't pass up this opportunity. I have never repaired a clock before, let's do it!
1 before

Its not really that bad, it just needs a little love.
2015-02-07 11.27.31

Point of impact, confirming that this clock hit the ground, but nothing some putty and paint can't fix. Also kind of dirty.
2015-02-07 11.27.32

Front surface is pretty scuffed.
2015-02-07 11.27.41

And over here, the glass needs a good polish too.
2015-02-07 11.27.46

Major issue, the center guts of the clock are not level, which is probably why the arm is jamming.
2015-02-07 11.27.59

Got the clock apart easy enough, heard some rattling as I did.
2015-02-07 11.52.08

Just a little pressure and glue to fix that crack from the drop.
2015-02-07 11.52.12

This is going to need some paint.
2015-02-07 11.54.18

Oh yeah, paint job incoming.
2015-02-07 14.23.47

That ones deep. Shouldn't be to tough to match the gold hue with Krylon.
2015-02-07 14.45.44

Got the glass all cleaned up, looking better already.
2015-02-07 15.09.37

So the rattling was due to these pieces that broke off after the fall.
2015-02-07 16.22.53

Only three pegs survived, but I found all but one.
2015-02-07 16.24.57

That's more like it.
2015-02-07 16.28.20

And that's why the face is crooked, that tan peg broke in the fall as well.
2015-02-07 16.30.51

I need to fix three of them while there is no weight on the face.
2015-02-07 16.31.06

Loctite to the rescue!
2015-02-07 16.46.22

Since there are 2 types of gold finish, I used painters tape to cover the edging for protection.
2015-02-07 21.13.57

Six coats later...
2015-02-07 21.21.09

Much better!
2015-02-07 21.46.07

Now the face is level and the mechanism is free to move!
2015-02-08 09.35.02

100% assembled and looking sharp!
2015-02-08 09.38.03

Well, certainly doesn't look too bad now.
2015-02-08 11.24.30

*Edit* and here is a video!

Overall, I am really happy with how it came out. Never be afraid to try something new!

Tags: pokemon center
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