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Collection Update Part 2 and Some Gets!

So following up from my re-intro I thought so as not to spam you with so many photo's I'd combine the rest in to a second half for you all to see. As you were all probably wondering why my username has Joltik in it yet you saw no Joltik line collection. Well I'm here to show you him now, along with my flats collection and a few gets I got this past week =)

The reason why I didn't show him before was because he was all packed away due to not much space. But with a little re-organising and presto! My cuties are out again.

Photo 14
Photo 19
This little guy was actually the one who got me in to collecting in the first place. Even if now he's only a side collection for me, I still love him to bits <3

Photo 15
My sad Goodra line collection so far. I really need to catch up with these guys as Goodra easily became one of my top favs during X!
Of course I have some of his promo on the way to me soon!

Photo 16
And my Noibat/Noivern one... Like I said I've gotten way behind on my absence of collecting so I hope I can catch up on these two collections soon!

I also hope to get a few Delphox things I missed out on along with some other merch of my team mates!
I have yet to decide on whether or not I want to collect pumpkaboo and I do have a Volcarona collection that I havne't shown you guys yet as I'm unsure if I want to continue with him either.
But I'm definitely getting active in a new side collection that I've started which is of Carbink. I have quite a bit on the way to me already but still loads to catch up on as well. I'm very excited to start collecting him~

Now for the flats of my main collections as I do love to collect those as well with them!

Photo 17
More Ampharos love <3

Photo 21
Not pictured here is the TCG folder that I have of him as well~

Photo 18

I'm still missing so many TCG from them all. I love the art just too much xD

And on Friday it was my birthday so I have a few gets to show you along with some really nice Pokebox items that came in the post the next day!

I didn't buy much in store as my money mostly went online to Carbink merch and a few other things but I did get these:
Photo 22
I adore Xerneas so I couldn't pass up this figurine of him. And I can never have too many TCG <3

As most of you know Pokebox recently bought out new items for the year and some of those were themed with the chinese zodiac. And this year being the sheep and me being an Amphy collector, I definitely couldn't pass them up <3

Photo 23
So here we have Ampharos' new charm, the Ema and Omamori~
And your probably wondering why I got the Omamori when I only collect Ampharos really, well...

Photo 24
Look at how cute he is there sitting in the clouds <3
It makes me happy that the Pokebox owners love the sheep line just as much as I do, as they produce such lovely items ;w;

So that's it for my return updates, it's good to be back! I've missed this place quite a bit haha
I also hope this extra update helps my Spring Secret Swap partner too. Which is another reason why I thought to do it <3 So excited to participate this year!
And if you read all that you earn a gold star =D
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