kayeechu1993 (kayeechu1993) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Heartland Lucario Buddies and Special Get!

Yay! Thanks to riolu, I was able to obtain a MWT Heartland Lucario! My previous one was purchased from renafan2004 and she is in the processing of buying him back. So for this short period of time, I have the honor of having 2 Heartland Lucario babies! xD If anybody is a Lucario fan, this is a musthave grail! Other than this one, has anybody seen a MWT version? More pics under the cut!

Also, I was able to get an official shiny Lucario figure from happyjolteon, who got it originally from denkimouse!
I think this is te only official shiny Lucario figure? If anybody else has more info on it, please inform me! =D He looks so pretty!
Photo Feb 08, 12 29 59 PM

Update: I havent been actively posting on PKMNCollectors due to work and school, very busy. But I have gotten new items in my collection which i will hopefully update on my site: http://lucariostimeflower.weebly.com/ in due time!
Only a few more tags and my tagged plushie collection will be complete! =D
Wishlist: http://kayeechu1993.livejournal.com/947.html
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