sproutpaw (zigguppafu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

✿ Small Wants and Start of Grail Search! ✿

(✿◠‿◠) Hello everyone!
I know i usually cram a million things into one post, but today's post is rather small for a change! I'm waiting for my gets from the most recent GA i participated so that i can show all of my things at once! :D

First today i have a small want! FINALLY slurpuff has a plushie! I'm so excited to get this little guy for my collection! Just an MPC and nothing big, but still better than nothing! I know they like JUST came out, but if anyone has both slurpuff and swirlix MPCs they are willing to sell (or doing a group buy for a whole set and needs someone to claim those two) please let me know! :D I can pay for these right away! Here is a photo!

Second on today's agenda is the start of something big! My grail search! :D !!! I've been putting this search off for a long long time due to lack of funds for such an expensive little friend, but i have quite a bit already pending in my paypal account, so i'm finally ready to start looking!! :D And now, without further ado, i present to you the grailiest grail that ever grailed... ZIGZAGOON BANPRESTO PLUSH!! <3333
As someone who collects both raccoons and pokemon(specifically zigzagoon as one of my two main collections), this is just an obvious must have. My last grail search was over a year ago for my dragonite cuddle pillow, which i obtained last christmas time(2013). I'm finally ready to tackle another grail(currently my only one.) I'm sure it goes without saying... but if anyone has or sees one of these guys for sale, please please PLEASE let me know! :D !!!

Before i close out my post, here is an obligatory link to my sales! Just click anywhere on this paragraph to go. I am stuck at work for two nights due to yet another snow blizzard, so if you buy anything just please be aware it won't be shipped out until at least Wednesday! C:
✿ I was granted sales permission on 6/11/14 by allinia
✿ My PKMNcollectors feedback is here: Clickity Click!
✿ My Ebay feedback is here: Clickity Click!

Thank you all for looking! :D ✿ <3
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