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I have a nice big Ebay lot ending in the next twenty-four hours, if anyone is interested! It contains ten plush, four zukan, seven battle museum figures, and nine miscellaneous figures (including an Eevee kids!). There are no bids so far, which means you might be able to snag it for much, much cheaper than it's actually worth. Heck, even the Buy It Now is a bargain. :D


Good luck to any of you who decide to bid on it! ♥

Also, is anyone having SMJ troubles? I know there were complains about them several months ago, but so far I haven't had any negative experiences at all until now. It's been over two weeks on four of my items and I still haven't received invoices on them. D: I've even e-mailed them about it twice in the last few days, and all four items are on their way to storage in the US so I don't know what's going on or why I haven't received an invoice (or at least a response) yet. :( Is it just me, or is anyone else having this problem? I just want to pay for my stuff! ;___;

On a random note, LJ comment notifications don't seem to be going through lately. :/
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