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Finally my tazo collection (with 3 missings) is done!

Hi everybody,

I'm really excited to say i collected every tazo in Series 1-2-3. This community also helped me to complete my series that's why i want to share this news. Especially, i want to say thanks again to agui_chan who sells a lot of pokemon stuff and tazos. So, there are some collection's photos for you -so far, but don't forget to check my missings. If you want to sell your pokemon tazos(like in pics) please send me a message. I'm still searching character tazos that are Misty (Taso 2 and Taso 3) and Brock (Taso 2 or Taso 3/don't matter, i need only one :)).

P.S. : I started to collect special series. And i have 15-20 tazos so far, if you want to sell them also, please notify me. :)

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