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Sales, and about plush commissions

Hello guys!

Just a quick post to let you know that I updated my Sales post with some new zukan!

There's some new 10th Movie Anniversary figures, including Darkrai, Entei and Mew, and some Mystery Dungeon gacha figures also!

I've also reduced the prices on some of the older zukan that I still have in stock, as well as the current price of postage! The Aussie dollar is pretty low at the moment, so that means that I can pass on the difference!

Also, thanks for all the awesome things you guys said about the Raichu plush that I made for Gin -- you guys make me happy :) (I'm currently working on a certain fiery birdie for myself ;D)
I did get a lot of emails regarding the 'Surgechu' and I apologise if any of those went unanswered ;3;

Also, what that means is that my one and sole slot for plush commissions is once again open.
Slot filled! If you still would like to get a quote on anything, feel free to PM me :)

You can find my starting price in the sticky entry at the top of my LJ if you're interested, so if you think you'd like something, PM me and I'll give you a quote. But it is first-come, first-served. I will also only hold that slot for a week at most.

Lastly, with the exception of 'generic' plush, I won't reuse a pattern, as part of my policy regarding what I consider 'special request' plushies. (Eg, if someone were to ask me for a Riolu dressed as Riley, the pattern I would make for it would not be used again, even if I was commissioned for another Riolu at a later date. I also would not take another commission of a Riolu dressed as Riley. The reason for this is, I do charge a high price, and a portion of that price is set aside for the time spent pattern drafting, and the mock-up to test the pattern. On remakes, I don't need to redraft or make a new mock-up, so naturally I can charge less -- but not only is that not fair on the original commissioner who paid more, but it's also not fair in the sense that a remake/redraft of their commission cheapens it and removes its 'uniqueness'.)

So if anyone is interested at all, again, please send me a message titled either 'Commission' or 'Plush Quote' :)

Again, thanks so much guys :D
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