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Lots of PokeKids for sale!~

Firstly - a shipping update! This week, I sent parcels to techno4tomcats , buizelcollector , anamatics , heenz , growly , tamago226 , majoradrakken and binx345  - so you should all be getting goodies soon! ^-^ (I'll leave nice feedback for you all over the weekend too!) :D

Also - a big thank you to juumou for the fantastic kids book and mamoswine  for the ultra-cute PIka megablock and Raichu kid! I got them this week! ^-^ <3 <3

~Sales Terms~
* Shipping for up to 3 kids is $4.00 to the US/Canada/Asia/Australia, $3.00 to Europe and $2.00 within the UK 
* Shipping can also be combined with any of the items at http://www.safarizone.co.uk - the shop is going through a re-vamp at the moment, but if you'd like something let me know and I'll let you know if its available!
* I'm happy to hold items for up to a week :D
* Payment is via Paypal only
* Some of the kids have a few marks on them but most marks can be seen from the photos - I'll point out any big non-obvious faults, but if you'd like specific information on condition, please feel free to ask - I don't bite! ^-^

$2 Each:  Magmar, Nidoran, Victrebell, Shellder, Machop

$2 Each: Drowzee, Charmeleon, Crawduant, Graveller

$2 Each: Golbat, Tauros
Sold!: Gloom

$3 Each: Burmy, Metapod, Zangoose,
On hold!: Vulpix, Houndoom

$3 each: Ledyba, Ledian, Abra, Weepinbell,
Sold!: Roselia

$3 each: Octillary, Wooper, Manaphy, Ariados,
Sold! : Murkrow

$4 each: Tyranitar, Blaziken, Scizor,
Sold!: Mewtwo

$4 each: Solrock,
On hold: Chatot, Weavile
Sold!: Vaporeon, Umbreon

$4 each: Crobat, Ho-oh, Articuno, Feraligatr

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