Richelle (sushiibear) wrote in pkmncollectors,

question about snorlax pokedoll

Hi again everyone!

I'm looking for the Snorlax pokedoll and I came across some for pretty cheap, between $7 to $20. The description of the plush is pretty accurate, they call is a Snorlax Pokedoll and some places say that it's from the Pokemon Center. In the pictures, they'll have a pictures of Snorlax with the American tag.

I'm not a pro at identifying pokedolls and I just wanted to know if it's possible for the Snorlax pokedoll to cost between $7 to $20. The ones less than $10 are most likely fake but what about the ones that are higher than that? Do they still sell it in the American Pokemon Centers or are they discontinued? I think just knowing how much a Snorlax pokedoll usually fetches for now would give me a much better idea of whether they're authentic or not.

Thanks in advance!
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