DoryPhish (doryphish333) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Have you been introduced!?

So this girl has been living a very busy life lately. I don't know if anyone noticed, but I've got so much to catch up on and I'm getting back to the community slowly but surely :)

So to not make this personalable, I'm going to keep this Pokemon related and if interested in what happened, feel free to message me! :)

So I met my soulmate haha, he loves my collection and I made a very special card for him :D
v day card

So, in what has happened, I've had to move back into my parents, but I'm usually not home but here's a few shots
lord plushlord figures
(I've missplaced my wailord footprint? figure :C please help me to replace him...and feel free to offer any lords you think I don't have :D no flats please!

And I've saved the best for last. You all know the wonderfully talented serenitysama now right? :) (DARN IT I missed her last commission batch T-T) Well let me introduce you to her most amazing creation

That's right, you can't hand how adorable right? :D Anyway just wanted to prove I'm still here (and still watching O.O) moderating here and there
I believe I've managed to completely update my weebly with Entei, missing a few things so check it out here:

Thanks for looking :) Have a good evening!
Tags: collection update, entei
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