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Intro and help identifying some things?

Hi, everyone! I'm Galestork/Gale/Gamma and I collect Deoxys merch.! :D I'm very excited to be a part of this community! ^^ I've been lurking for a while and officially joined a few weeks ago...I haven't posted yet because I've been waiting for some things to come in so I could start with a collection post! ^^ Unfortunately, I won't be doing that just yet as I'm waiting for some Buyee stuff to come in. :/

I was wondering if anyone could give me any info on these beauties really quick...
These are the only pictures I can find (they belong to users dreamshelf and jensoxen, respectively! Sorry to use them, let me know if I need to take them down!)

A coin purse (extremely cute by the way!!!):
deoxys purse

And a metal figure:
metal deoxys figure

I can't see the tag clearly on the purse, does anyone know what it's from? And for the metal figure, are there more versions? When were they released? I can find literally nothing on them and it's driving me nuts!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

I'm looking forward to growing my collection and watching everyone's grow, as well! Thank you for reading!
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