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Firebird Collection Post!

Hi all! It's been a long time since I posted an actual collection update; truth be told, a lot of my collection is in disorganization right now and I haven't had an opportunity to buy much Pokemon merchandise since X/Y's release. However I do have a smallish collection of Fletchinder (my favorite Kalos Pokemon) and its family which I received a surprising addition to today!

This package arrived from a third party but was a surprise from hawlucha! :D I love the MPC plush line so I'm really happy to have Fletchinder's MPC in my possession! The Keldeo was a surprise bonus and the Eeveelution paper (with a note from the seller on the back) is just darn cute.

I got these in the mail last week directly from hawlucha, who actually hinted at Fletchinder's eventual arrival. Pokedoll and Pokemon Time charms I commissioned from him, plus an embroidered patch I personally made from the PokeTime charm's art. :D

My current firebirds so far, including custom plushies I made! I really want to make a floppy Fletchinder though for now I'm forced to rest my arm for now and resume my current plush project when I'm better. I also (sadly!) misplaced my set of Pokecen firebird charms, though I have another set on the way (which I'm ok with given how practical they are so I can use them if I find my missing set :D). ETA: Totally uploaded the wrong pic, even if this one doesn't include the patch!

Also not birdy, but a while back I got both Mega Charizard plushies. Y was from Pokemon Center's Amazon storefront and X was from a trade with aarux! They sit along with my Charizard Pokedoll atop one of my shelves (sorry for the bad phone pic!):

Thanks for looking! :D
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