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Zukan Arrival and Payment Request

Dragonite Zukan set has finally arrived! Thanks everyone for being patient (SMJ is just really slow with the shipping and what not)! Now the dreaded payment time, followed by the always exciting shipping/receiving time. So, here is the rundown:

Shipping from Japan $1.00 per person, Packing/fees/shipping within U.S. for each person w/in U.S. = 2.50 [$3.50 total]

If I'm not mistaken, here are the totals for everyone involved:

(1) Beedrill / Kakuna / Weedle : Teenbulma $8.50

(2) Diglett / Dugtrio :

(3) Poliwag / Poliwhirl / Poliwrath / Politoed : _nofuturenohope $23.00 total (for all 3)

(4) Shellder / Cloyster : _nofuturenohope

(5) Drowzee / Hypno : Trainer Irene $9.50 (extra $1 for shipping to Italy)

(6) Krabby / Kingler : _nofuturenohope

(7) Elekid / Electabuzz : olesvenson $8.50

(8) Mewtwo : ann chovi $13.50

(9) Unown :

(10) Swinub / Pilsowine :

(11) Delibird : Eggsterminatus $13.50

(12) Dratini / Dragonair / Dragonite : iammyworld (all remaining)

My Paypal address is: considerately [at] gmail [dot] com. Please leave your LJ username and what you bought in the memo field.  Feel free to ask questions! As soon as I get the bulk of the payments, I be shippin' to yas. :0)

Edit: Please let me know if you'd like the Zukan insert as well! 
Tags: dragonite, sales
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