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A big month of gets + Type pictures + French shipping increase :(

I wanted to make this post earlier but each time I had too much work (> <)
So I hope you're ready for a big gets post (but not boring I hope lol)

But let's start with an old get which finally found its place above the window.
One day, when the shelf is made, there will be "Pets Pokémon" plushies instead of the cardboard boxes haha

After Christmas I bought the French Mega Charizard TCG boxes (besides I've got some French cards for sale o/)
The Jumbo are amazing! And I was quite lucky to get an EX FA Toxicroak. The colors are beautiful and I like Poison Pokémon :3

Then I received a lot of plushies!

Dragon and Ghost. But where is Giratina ? ^^
I love the facial expression of Lati@s. And the two guys in the middle are really too cute.

Pumpkaboo LED lamp: I love this Pokémon and Inkay was feeling lonely, so I had to buy it ^^
PokéAmie Sylveon on its Poképuff: The pose, the fabric, the wink... one can only succumb <3
Lifesize Treecko: my big baby :3 Usually I'm more a fan of Water type Starters (except for Gen1 in which I prefer the other two) but my favorite from Hoenn it's him. I think that what attracted me the most are his big toes xDD Yet, I'm more and more tempted to get Mudkip as well haha
And the Pikachu Oops plush keychains which pleasantly surprised me. They are quite big (I mean, for plush keychains) and really original. And between the design and tush tag, they look like custom to me. Besides they have a funny particularity: they are "Made in Vietnam" while almost all the goods are usually from China.
In brief, I highly recommend them o/

I think I fell in love with Pokémon Petit haha
The Pikachus must spend a lovely Valentine's Day ^^

After the very small plushies, here is the very Big!
Unfortunately I spent a lot for him (especially as I paid customs :/). But honestly, I forgot all that when I opened the package because this plush is A-MAZ-ING !!!
Thus, I had to take a picture with his PokéTime bro' o/
"Just keep swimming Just keep swimming Just keep swimming swimming swimming"

I also received some Pokémon Center Shopper bags.
Mew is just too cute <3 And the 2005 Christmas one is really beautiful and in excellent condition.

And then plushies again ^^

I think I'm falling in love with birds <3 I knew Staraptor was gorgeous, Hawlucha is simply majestic with its wings spread out, but the real surprise is Fletchinder. The official picture didn't let presage that it would be so beautiful :O

I wasn't really fond of Buizel when I was younger, but now I love it :3
Inkay is the same as the DX "We Are Team Rocket" one, but much bigger (yes, DX plushies are quite big though lol)
The pose, the chops, the ears. OMG! Bunnelby is so cute <3
And finally Pikachu with Poké Puff. He will go with the other "pastel" Pikachus in my bed ^^
A necessary comparison picture between Inkay plushies (DX on the left, Huge on the right) because, despite the impression I got when I opened the package, the size difference is quite significant :O

A Slowking package from gappamaki. I think this is one of my favorite Pokémon :3 The Custom was made by XSystem Art. Isn't it too cute ? *o*

A receipt from another member, eledora
The second "Goodnight Friends" set (and in addition a nice Arbok drawn on the envelope :3).
Lucario is beautiful <3 And Goomy is simply EPIC %)

Primal Kyogre is a bit flat lol

And my latest gets!
Shiny Mega Metagross <3 I collect Shiny Pokémon and moreover it is badass, so what more to ask ? Maybe that its four arms were movable and not only the top two, but I quibble haha. The size is Mega too, thus I can't put it with my other Shiny plushies... Anyway, that's an awesome plush o/
Then Mega Diancie the princess. I like Fairy and the plush is interesting. However I'm a bit disappointed by the quality of the white ribbons, but it's a detail. I also bought a badge that I will perhaps wear during conventions xD, idky
In the end I suspended it above my desk with Magikarp o/ (sorry for the poor quality of the photo). Am I the only one to think of a Star Wars spaceship when I see it ? xD

Now let's end with some group photos :)

As I drag on to build my shelves (and it's even an euphemism lol), I gathered all my Water type plushies in order to make you wait :3 (however the Big Shiny Magikarp is missing and Pokédolls are not included).

The same for the Dragon, even if at first I wanted to wait for the lifesize Goomy ^^
For me there are 3 categories: land ones on the left, classic flying on the right, and original/cute in the middle.

Thank you for reading, and congrats ^^

You can see more pictures at my collection website o/

I also have a Fb page (don't hesitate to like it and comment ^^):

And take a look at my sales o/
(even if, like the title suggests, French shipping fees have insanely increased in 2015 :/ It's ok for flat items, but for non-flats it's only interesting for very big packages)
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