Emurii (emurii) wrote in pkmncollectors,

i want...

BATS! >:}

When their kids came from Jaime, I began to think I might love the bats. It's been a slippery slope, and sure enough, I'm slipping.

Does anyone have any (non-flat; exception, reverse holo cards, also not the kids, of course, since I have them) bat merch? (I searched through the most recent sales posts and the stores in the sidebar without much interest.) Particularly, does anyone have the BK Golbat plush for a reasonable price? BK stuff isn't in high demand, so... maybe? (Found!)

Also, expect a small collection update in the upcoming weeks. :]

oh god staraptor I just realized I am totally becoming you with my collecting, I apologize ;a; it was fate, soon I too will have icons of a pokemon with different crazy expressions
Tags: crobat, golbat, zubat
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