renafan2004 (renafan2004) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Best Monday Ever! I found the Lucario Amiibo!^_____^

Hello all! I really didn't expect to make a post so soon, but I was so excited when I found this I couldn't keep it contained! As a bigtime Lucario fan, when I heard of the Lucario Amiibo I was dedicated to finding one. For weeks, my local Toys R Us has always been sold out. x_X But today, on a most unexpected day off from work and a whim, I went to Toys R Us expecting to not find anything but there, at the bottom of was the holy grail of Amiibo Pokemon!0__0 I've also managed to snag a US 1:1 Treecko. That tail is so awesome. :)

Isn't he beautiful! I couldn't believe my eyes...I was holding the very Amiibo I've been searching for weeks on end for! I thought I'd have to pay $40 but I finally managed to snag one. :) I feel so happy right now I could jump for joy...I thought of not removing him from the package but I relented. It's one of the better Lucario figures I've had in my time collecting. This is the best find I've had since finding the full art Lucario-EX! I swear, it's like me and Lucario are linked.^^; I have the best luck with Lucario. And now, my old Heartland Lucario is coming home too. Truely, this is the best Monday I've ever had!
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