Lotad (lotad) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick wants.~

Hi there. :3

I don't want to flood anyone's feed with a bunch of blabber, so I've put it all under the cut. :D

I've made the terrible (financially, of course) decision to start collecting other Pokemon. Only Lunatone and Solrock, because I think they'd look great with Umbreon and Espeon.
Does anyone here have a collection they'd like to share with me of either of these? They don't seem to have much merch out there, but I would like to know what all is available.~

Also, I was wondering if anyone was selling any Lunatone or Solrock pan stickers? :3
I don't have any at all, so I'd be willing to take anything. :D
If you have any other flats of them for sale, taking a look at them wouldn't hurt.~

Also, how much does the Lunatone and Solrock Zukan set go for? :o
If anyone has that for sale, I may be interested in that as well.~
EDIT: It HAS to have the base and pegs, though.

Oh, and I've seen that Solrock has a Mega Blok, but does Lunatone? I can't find photos of a Lunatone one anywhere. .~.
I'm only interested in Solrock's if Lunatone has one as well.

Also, I'm desperately seeking PokeBox charms. ;n;
I finally found the Umbreon Lollipop charm yesterday~ ^^ But I still need the Espeon Lollipop charm, and the original (food themed) Umbreon and Espeon charms.
They're so cute, I must have them~ :D

Thank you all for helping~ :3
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