Lilly (lillyann123) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Just a little question?

So, you remember the necklaces they sold some time ago? They were made of gold or silver and there was pikachu, umbreon and espeon, and a couple others. WHat were they called again? Also is the a site where I could buy themoff of? Nothing that needs a middleman to the us though

And to make this post less boring, who's your favorite human pokemon character? and why? (top 5)

1. steven stone (big sucker for gentlemen...and hot guys...-.-')
2. brendan (sucker for friends to romance too)
3. barry (same as brendan, but because of oras, I ended up liking 2 better than 3)
4. hugh (badass and attractive too)
5. misty (haha, the only girl here, I just adore her character)

yeah, I like a lot of the guy characters on pokemon....oops?
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