agentcalifornia (agentcalifornia) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Piles and Piles of gets! And a mystery package!

So many of the packages I've been waiting on arrived on the same day!

Bought the growlithe canvas from peppermmints! He's smaller than I thought he would be, but so cute!! And this is moonlightpkmn's infamous error music box! I have a small slice of Mega Toky in my room now C: And I got the tcg from pokemontrader's box split!

What pretty cards! And I won the Suicune twister figure from umbreeon! I didn't realize it was a spinner top, and Suicune dashes across my desk so nicely! And a little mega Lucario too! He doesn't quite stand up, but as long as I can lean him on something, he's ready to fight!

And half an hour later, this arrived!

Nothing less than a custom Noivern sculpture by chris_techno25!

And he included a cute little Charmander wearing a Charizard hoodie as a gift!

Noivern is so amazing! Chris was wonderful, and constantly updated me with pictures asking which direction I wanted the figure to go in! He's so well made, I can't wait to paint him!

Tags: gets, growlithe, noivern, suicune
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