tsukasa_kenji (tsukasa_kenji) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hizushi's Sales! ^-^


I'm living currently in Japan and have a lot of stuff for sale. ^-^

I'm shipping world wide and if you are interested in something, please ask me!

Accepted payment methods is PayPal only (transaction from Germany would be fine too!).

So I'm in this community for years, but it's the first time I try to sell something and didn't read the permission rules, so I have to get a permission at first. I'm so sorry ><

I will try to get it, because I want to share my stuff with all Pokemon fans here and of course, Japan is the land FOR Pokemon stuff!

I've shipped the sold stuff today and I have to say sorry again, I hope to get the chance soon! ^-^

1. Chespin phone strap. 6€ + shipping costs
chespin key chain x 1

2. Darkrai figure (it's really not so big). 2€ + shipping costs
darkrai figure x 1

3. Dedenne (also like Darkrai, not so big). 2€ + shipping costs
dedenne figure x 1

4. Diancie key chain.  5€ + shipping costs
diancie key chain x 1

5. Eevee phone strap. 6€ + shipping costs
eevee key chain x 1

6. Goomy figure. 5€ + shipping costs SOLD
goomy figure x 1

7. Hawlucha key chain. 5€ + shipping costs
hawlucha key chain x 1

8. Mudkip figure (I have two for sale!). Each 5€ + shipping costs
mudkip x 2

9. Pancham figure (I got it inside of a choco egg, so you can put the head off). 5€ + shipping costs
pancham figure x 1

10. Pikachu plush. 15€ + shipping costs
pikachu plush x 1

11. Poffles key chain. 5€ + shipping costs
pokemon food key chain x 1

12. Meowstic pin. 4€ + shipping costs SOLD
pokemon pin x 1

13. Shinx plush. 9€ + shipping costs SOLD
shinx plush x 1 nr 2
shinx plush x 1

14. Treecko figure. 5€ + shipping costs
treecko figure x 1

15. Tyrunt key chain. 5€ + shipping costs
tyrunt key chain x 1

16. Amaura key chain (because it's head is too small, the chain holder got through the neck sadly ><)  4€ + shipping costs
amaura key chain x 1
amaura key chain x 1 nr 2

I'm looking forward. :)

There's also a feedback side from me, I ship always fast (would be nice, if you could write also a feedback, if you are satisfied with sellings).


Tags: mudkip, pikachu, plush, pokemon
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