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I got the cutest and roundest angry lizard ever (and other stuff, too)

Hello everyone! Today I bring you all the Poké-stuff I've received over the past few weeks.

To start this post, something I had been waiting for for two months and a half. Yes, that's the time it took to arrive via airmail. The Spanish post system (Correos) didn't get prepared for the holiday rush and they ran out of space and personnel in several city offices, which resulted in hilariously long waiting periods for everyone who was waiting for a package. I really hope they learn from this experience and solve those problems this year. Anyways!

2015-01-30 15.25.412015-01-30 15.53.01

It's an Eon pouch! I was in need of a new one for my pens and pencils and as soon as I saw this one, I knew that it was made for me - I love Latias and Latios, the design is subtle but very cute, and it's perfect in colour and size. I also got a Torchic "Wtih you badge" and pinned it with my Chespin, and I'm looking forward to getting the rest of my starters from every game so they can join them - Bulbasaur, Totodile, Piplup and Snivy!

Next is another Torchic (and friends)!

2015-02-03 19.07.10

Sleepymons I got from eledora! I kept Torchic and Lucario for my main collections, and since I don't have much Treecko merch I also kept him. They're very well sculpted and I love the matte paint finish. Eledora also drew my character in the package and it's really cute, thank you! I'm keeping it <3

I also got another pretty special (or perhaps I should say elusive) Lucario after that.

2015-02-04 15.15.57

The Lucario amiibo! A friend kept going to a multimedia store every day on the release week until they had their figures... And they only got two Lucarios :|  What's up with Nintendo sending such a limited amount of figures? I heard some shops have taken out their amiibo shelves because their stock never lasts more than a few hours. Anyway, my friend managed to pick one for me, and it looks gorgeous! The quality is pretty good for its price, and it's bigger than I had expected. I took him out of the box and put him with my other Lucarios and I think he is the biggest so far! If you can find one for shelf price, I really recommend getting it.


And before I jump onto the FromJapan gets, something very big and sparkly I got from peppermmints!

2015-02-10 15.05.30

Don't they look gorgeous?! I'm really glad I could get those two, they fit perfectly over my ORAS steelboxes :D

And now, for the Yahoo!Auctions madness...

This story began on the day I found a cute plush on Y!A. And then another. And another. And a couple more. Then I found another that was even cuter. And then I found figures. And then I sat down and thought "that's it, I must stop someday", but it was too late. We had already won 22 auctions.


Here, have some pics:

2015-01-28 16.28.14B9u9-OoIgAAtNVE

On the first pic you can see: a Korottomanmaru Jolteon (my favourite eeveelution), MPC Venusaur (my beloved horde Pokémon in XY), and three adorable Hoenn legendaries by Banpresto. On the second pic you can see three more plushies and a really cool Mega-Blaziken badge/magnet I found (and a other figures from animes I've wathced recently, since they came in the same box :P)

The seller listed the Kyogre as "25cm" so I assumed it was the DX version, so I also bought a DX Groudon, but when the first two arrived I saw that I was wrong! But I don't regret getting the DX Groudon at all, because he is the roundest, grumpiest, most adorable Groudon plush you'll ever see:

2015-02-13 17.20.222015-02-13 17.20.55

200% squishable surface, 100% recommended

And to finish my gets, I found a bunch of Steel- and Ice-type Kids for auction and I spotted lots of 'mons I liked in them so I had to get those lots! Those are the ones I kept:

2015-02-16 15.23.12

(I was so excited about getting a Froslass that I forgot to include her in the picture, it seems :B)
I figured that since we will most likely never get a Steven Stone figure, I might just get his team in Kid figures. So far I've got Skarmory and the Aron and Beldum lines (including a M-Metagross that'll come home soon) :>

I also updated my sales post with a Sylveon/Unova starters poster and a few new Kid figures! I've got lots of other Kids and also some flats so feel free to check them out :)

And to finish this post, a recent picture I took for a contest of how my shelves looked on the 8th: (they're starting to get a bit crowded!)


That is all, thank you for reading!
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