Batıkan Dal (guorin) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Batıkan Dal

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I'm looking for Pokemon character tazos/pogs --> Misty & Brock

Hi guys,

If you saw my previous post in community blog, you must remember my tazo collection with 3 tazos missings. Now, i finally collected them pokemon tazos. But there are still some missings that are Misty and Brock Tazos Seri 2-3. I'm searching on google everyday to find some tazo sellers but can't reach some sites as you know. 'cause google restricts them. So if you find any character tazos (pics are in below) your special selling sites (like for Turkey, or for South Africa) i will be waiting your PM. Or if you have character tazos and want to sell them, i'm interesting in to buy them. There are some pics that i'm looking for:

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