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Hey guys! I've been gone for a while with the start of the semester, but now I am back with a lot of stuff to sale. I got two large boxes from Japan and decided to get rid of some from my own collection. I am saving up for a trip to New Orleans with my friends, so I want this stuff gone! I got the prices off of ebay, so if they are too high, make an offer or let me know. If you see something you want, make an offer, and if it is fair, I'll most likely take it. Anyway, have fun and thanks! I received sales permission on November 6, 2014 from Entirelycliched. My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/a_flockofmarins/

- I ship from Missouri, USA
- I ship at least once a week, and will let you know when I do.
- All items come from a smoke free home, I have a dog be she is not allowed near the stuff at all.
- The stuff I get comes in varied condition, which I will state. I will give more pictures and details when asked, however, if you do not ask, I assume you are okay with whatever the picture shows.
- I accept paypal only.
- I will hold items for a day, then they will be back up for sale.
- Haggling is absolutely okay!
- My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/a_flockofmarins/
- Tracking and insurance on packages are $1 each, unless you spend $15 or more, than they are free. Packages have to reach a certain weight to get tracking automatically, and a lot of the items for sale are very lightweight. However, it Is quite possible to get free tracking depending on what you bought; I will let you know when I give you a quote.

Pokemon Bandannas: These came mint in the packaging
Arcanine and Eevee/Vaporeon (Vaporeon is on the back)-$15

Pokemon Friends Special in packaging- The mouth on Pikachu and the eye on clefairy got messed up because it got stuck to the packaging.This has never been opened as far as I can tell.-$20
Physical Recovery Milk Glass From Pokemon Center New in box- $15
Pokemon Center I love Pikachu Small Glass New in Box-$10

Pikachu the Movie Beach Ball and Pool Toy These come with a little plastic bag and have never been used. -$5 each

Pokemon Kids 0.50 cents each, buy 4 get one free! These have some scuffs on them

Pokemon Kids 0.50 cents each, buy 4 get one free! These have some scuffs on them

Pokemon Tomy Figures $1.50 each, buy 3 get one free! Most are in good condition, but some have a few scuffs

Xerneas figure- $2
Yvetyl Figure- $5
Reshiram Firgure- $2

Various Figures $1 each, buy 3 get 1 free!

Pikachu Lot Take the Lot for $45
Flying Pikachu-$15
Vinyl Pikachu-$7
McDonalds Talking Pikachu, this thing is huge, I got it from splash but have no room for it.-$25
Everything else in the picture-0.50 cents

Old-School Hasbro Pokemon Plush -$1 each

Squirtle Trainers Choice Plush with Tags-$7
Torchic Trainers Choice Plush with Tags-$7
Froakie Plush, TTO-$4
Glaceon and Cyndaquil Plush, I got these from a Chinese ebay seller, so they are probably bootlegs-$2 each

Mantine I love Marine Plush with Tags-$10
I love Marine Shellos Plush-$5 each or $7 for both
Bulbasaur Trainers Choice Plush with Tags-$7
Pokemon Petit Marill Plush with Tags-$8

Giant Tomy Darkrai Plush This thing is giant! About 19 inches tall., TTO-$50

Sylveon Plush with Tags, looks like a UFO Prize-$20
Eevee Plush with Tags, looks like a UFO Prize-$15

Weird Pikachu Backpack, TTO-$5
I love Pikachu Pichu Plush with Tags-This is about 9 inches tall and super soft-$20

I love Pikachu Curtain Holder with tags-$5
I love Gothic Litwick Plush with tags-$10
I love Gothic Banette Plush with tags-$10
Pichu Plush with tags-$5
I love Eevee Espeon Plush with Tags-$8
Bellossom Friends Plush-$15

I love Eevee giant face cushion with tags, lotion bottle for scale-$30

Large Chespin UFO Prize with Tags-$15
Munchlax Tomy Plush TTO- $15
Togepi Tomy Plush TTO-$8
Froakie Plush TTO-$8
I love Marine Lapras Plush, TTO-$8

Large Lapras Plush with Tags About 15 inches long-$25
Deoxys Plush, TTO-$15
Reshiram Plush, TTO-$10

Pokemon Center Arceus Plush, TTO-$10
I love Eevee Umbreon Plush, TTO-$10
Espeon Plush, TTO-$7
Big Eyed Charmander Plush, TTO-$7
Axew Plush, TTO-$5

Keldeo Plush,No Tags at all-$2
Older Plusle Plush, TTO-$3
Best Wishes Litwick Plush TTO-$5
Best Wishes Deerling Plush TTO-$5
Best Wishes Amoonguss Plush TTO-$5
Best Wishes Tirtouga Plush TTO-$5

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