ceruleanblues15 (ceruleanblues15) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A few wants

Hi guys it's been a while since I've posted. I'm still promising my giant update soon, but for right now I'm looking for a few wants. Mainly the Takara Tomy Lillipup Plush

(this cutie right here) As it's the last I need to finally have all the plushes of the pups \o\ I have seen a few on Ebay...but I've been a bit skeptical because of prices and I'm unsure if this guy gets bootlegs or not :/ so I was hoping to look in the community before taking a risk.

Also I have decided to collect all things Cheren XD That's right, I've branched out of just the BW2 phase so if anyone could help me figure out all the BW things he has, that would be most helpful. I've already obtained a few things of his from the pokemate promotion and the dot sprites, but I'm not sure what more I'm missing...since I missed the time when those promotions were huge.

Thanks for reading and be on the look out for an update of the pups and Cherens in the next couple of weeks :)
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