Risha Moon (risha_moon) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Risha Moon

Looking to Trade for Eeveelution, Arcanine, and Ninetales TCG Cards


I'm looking to finish up my Eeveelution, Arcanine, and Ninetales TCG card collections. I already have all English Houndour, Houndoom, Eevee, Leafeon, Sylveon, Meowth, Persian, Growlithe, and Vulpix (have an RH Primal Clash one incoming).

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - Link

Here are the ones I'm looking for. Please pay attention to whether I'm looking for the holographic, rare, or reverse holo version. I only collect near mint/mint cards. If you need images of the cards, please ask and I can provide them.

Espeon - Aquapolis - 11/147 - Rare
Espeon - Aquapolis - 11/147 - Reverse Holo
Espeon - EX Sandstorm - 16/100 - Reverse Holo
Espeon EX - EX Unseen Forces - 102/115
Espeon Delta - EX Delta Species - 4/113 - Reverse Holo
Espeon Star - POP Series 5 - 16/17 - this card is probably too expensive for me to afford
Flareon - Legendary Collection - 10/110 - Holographic
Flareon EX - EX Delta Species - 108/115
Glaceon - Majestic Dawn - 20/100 - Reverse Holo
Glaceon Lvl X - Majestic Dawn - 98/100
Jolteon - Legendary Collection - 14/110 - Holographic
Jolteon - Legendary Collection - 14/110 - Reverse Holo
Jolteon EX - EX Delta Species - 109/115
Umbreon - Aquapolis - 41/147 (and/or H29/H32) - Reverse Holo
Umbreon - Skyridge - H30/H32 - Holographic
Umbreon EX - EX Unseen Forces - 112/115
Umbreon Star - POP Series 5 - 17/17 - this card is probably too expensive for me to afford
Vaporeon - Skyridge - 33/144 (or H31/H32) - Reverse Holo
Vapreon EX - EX Delta Species - 110/113
Arcanine - Skyridge - H2/H32 - Holographic
Arcanine EX - EX Legend Maker - 83/92
Arcanine - HGSS 1/123 Non-Holo Alternate Print from Ember Spark Theme Deck
Ninetales - Legendary Collection - 17/110 - Reverse Holo
Ninetales - Aquapolis - H19/H32 - Holographic
Ninetales EX - EX Hidden Legends - 96/101
Ninetales - HGSS 7/123 Cracked Ice Holo from Blister Packs - do they all have Undaunted Symbol error?

I'm also looking for Pachirisu POP Series 9 10/17...I just recently discovered I'm missing that card.

I think that's everything I'm missing of these Pokemon...except some World Championship reprints and maybe special promos like Snowflake stamped ones.

Okay, now for the semi-weird part. I know that most of these cards are rare and kind of pricey and I don't have any rarer than holographic rare cards (I think all I have left are just a few from Primal Clash). But, I recently sold back 5000+ cards to a local card shop so I have lots of store credit with them. They, unfortunately, don't have any of these cards in stock. I'm hoping that I can find people that have these cards and are willing to trade and they can select card(s) from the website that are equal value to the card they're trading to me. We will agree upon a trade. Then I will order the card(s) requested. I will send you a screenshot showing the card(s) have been ordered. You will ship your half of the trade to me. In the meantime, I will go pickup your card(s) from the card shop. And I will ship my half of the trade once your half of the trade arrives. If, somehow, the card shop is out of a card you request, you can either request a new card, or I can pay you the value of the card you sent. I have bought from them numerous times and only in the most recent order were they out of stock or something listed on their website (3 cards out of an order of about 30).

If any part of this is against community rules, please let me know and I will remove this post.

Thank you,
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