Talarus (talarus) wrote in pkmncollectors,

first collection post

Well, since the spring swap is coming up,
I guess now's a good time as any to post up my collection.
I feel like there's still a few things missing that are still in boxes somewhere,
and I have a few other things pending in,
but for now....here goes!

Dark types are the husband's favorites. Most others are mine :)

Zorua and Zoroark
I feel like I have have other figures missing from this pic....
and Ive got a Zorua Pokedoll pending in from a comm member

Weavile (with a small helping of Sneasel)

Chespin is a bit of a side collection...there's just way too much mech of him, so I don't go out of my way for it.
Zangoose is the opposite! Why can't there be more merch of this sourpuss?
And of course, Lucario, so I can be like half of the other collectors here (it seems somedays),
although I focus on Mega Lucario, and don't care for Riolu at all.

I've left room for Goomys, as I'm hoping to pick up a few things from the february promo
and I need more BIG BAD BOARS in my collection! (Pignite...not so much...)
I do also have the DX kid, but forgot about it!

Other plush that we like
My deerlings and sawsbucks....his dark/ghost types...
The Charizard I won at a carnival a long time ago,
and the Pikachu was won by a friend of mine at Nintendo's booth at E3 a while back

And if you missed it earlier, my Kid figure/Tomy figure collection wall!
Figures are my main collection :)
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