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re-introduction and collection post!

Hi! I joined this community nearly four years ago? I believe, under the username Dragonheir148. Well I figured out that apparently my account was closed by LJ, so I logged into this one since I knew I had it already. :D So I'll just re-introduce myself since I haven't exactly been active since like 2011, hah.

I'm Madison and I am 16 years old, and I'm from the US. C: I've been a fan of Pokemon in general ever since around 2002/2003 when I watched the anime when I was younger. I started playing the video games in the summer of 2005 (and I haven't been the same since) and I have fallen in love with the series since then. I've been getting Pokemon merch ever since I was four or five (and sadly some was sold by my mom against my will), but when I discovered Pkmncollectors back in 2011 I began trying to get more stuff. Sadly I have been slowing down with merch these past four years; I haven't grown any less interested in Pokemon, but I just haven't been...buying things haha. Well anyway...my collection is under the cut!

My collection of Gamecube and DS/3DS Pokemon games.  Hopefully you can see them all. ^_^'

Did someone say...more Pokemon games?? I used to have Sapphire until someone borrowed it from me in 2nd grade and his sister stepped on it and broke it.  RIP.  Also I have Ruby but I couldn't find it for the picture.

Figures! Not all of my figures, but here's a good amount of them. I'm absolutely in love with my Oshawott Pokedoll figure.  (btw excuse my absolutely poor arrangement of my collection.  I really need to get it all back together but I figured these were good enough for the re-intro)

Some plush.  I'm pretty sure Vaporeon is a bootie but he was given to me for free by some people who were giving free plush out at Pokemon league for Valentine's Day.  So why not?

Some figures that came with TCG boxes a couple years back!

The gang's all here.  Sorry they're all squished...my collection is horribly arranged right now.  I've had the smaller Torchic ever since I was 7 years old.  He's extremely dirty from years of bringing him to playgrounds, but I still love him. <3

(Froakie didn't get in on the last picture) Sometimes I make perler bead stuff. :D I've made a few more but I've given some to friends, soooo...

Guess who also has Pokemon pajama pants? They're seriously so comfortable.

My local Pokemon League was giving out pins made with trading card pack art.  I also have a Hawlucha one.  I dunno, I think they're kinda neat. :D

And last but not least, I made myself a Team Magma cosplay hoodie the night before the con I was going to.  I spent three hours slaving over a needle and thread to make this work.

Anyway, thanks for reading my introduction and looking at my collection! I hope to be more active this time around, and hopefully LJ won't delete my account. ^_^' See everyone around!
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