shadoweon (shadoweon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

All Extra Cards for Trade/Sale! (English Sets Only)

I have cataloged all the extra cards that I have:

BW Era sets and earlier:

XY Era Sets:

Here is some of my wishlist:

I am looking for reverse holos of all poochyena and mightyena cards as well. I have not cataloged every single card I want but anything from EX Ruby & Sapphire onward will be considered for the most part. I don't mind duplicates of poochyena and mightyena cards,but I do not want any other cards I already own.

Prices for Cards:
Commons: 25 cents
Uncommons: 50 cents
Rares: 80 cents

You can view my sales info here:

I have many many copies of the code cards that I will give away for free,by the way. Anyways,let me know if you want to trade or buy anything!
Tags: sales, tcg, trading
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