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New gets, again! + packs results preview ^-^

Hello guys!

Few days ago I posted my newest gets and one day later I received notification from my post office that they got a package for me. At post office it turned out that there're three packages for me... and I was like whaaaat?! So was Pikachu:

Here's a little preview - you'll find more pictures in CUT - as always!

Let's start with tiny TCG gets... or maybe not so tiny? Here's another jumbo Pikachu along with some gifts from one of the greatest Ebay's sellers!


I've also got package with four Kids figures, what's weird - they're available in Poland few years ago. I didn't know that Kids were released outside Japan

And... my first package from hobby_japan, too bad they changed their shipping options - I mean they do offer free shipping now so the prices aren't that good in my opinion. That Dedenne which I bought for 5.40$ (+ combined shipping) now cost 13.40$ with free shipping... It's not so great if you want to buy few things because you'll spend like 20$ more >.<

Let's start with Dedenne, he's  the cutest!

Wailord is next! And there's also Oops Pikachu :3

Let me show you closer pics of Mega Tokyo's deck box, it's looking soooo goood!

I've also got Mega Tokyo's stickers from them but I forgot to take a closer pic u_u

Also I've got these Pikachus coins!

In few days I'll post my Pokemon Advanced Action Packs openings results, so stay tuned!
WP_20150220_020 kopia

That's all for now, let me know guys if you like the photos style ^-^
Thank you for looking, stay awesome!
Best wishes!
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