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Back from the dead sales!

Hello~ I'm back :3 I've been MIA the past couple months trying to tone down on the collecting, plus life gives me no time now for anything besides work/gym/sleep (1.5 hour commute one way to work ;_;). I've been collecting some things here and there (mostly pikazards and my tiny zelda collection has new friends!) and i have a couple commissions i'm waiting on. Will Noivern ever get an official plush?!?!?!

In the meantime I bring you some sales during my collecting lull :> Please note: I live on the east coast and the sky decided to diarhhea snow on us non stop (along with my super long work/gym/commute days) my main shipping day will be Saturday.

I have up for auction an Angry Pikazard plush and Pikazard Poncho! They will both be starting at the price I paid for them :> Also up for sale is a custom shiny Mega Charizard X by lrk_creations/lyndsaygorawr :3

Edit: Oops! It would help to have an end date for the Auction. Auctions end Friday the 27th at midnight (so 12am on the 28th) Countdown timer found here



General Info:
-Granted sales permission by allinia on 3/24/14
-I ship from Virginia, USA
-I have a dog
-My feedback is here and here
-All general pkmncollectors rules apply

-I accept PayPal only. Please send all payment as "Goods and Services".
-All prices are in USD and do not include shipping and paypal fees
-Please send payment in a timely manner.
-I ship First Class using USPS and tracking is included for both Domestic and International packages.
-I will protect items as best as I can but once the item has left my hands I cannot be held accountable for how the post office handles the items

-Please indicate if you are asking for a quote or you are committed. If you do not include the word "quote" in your inquiry then it will be assumed you are committed. Backing out of sales once committed is grounds for being blocked from my sales or receiving negative/neutral feedback.
-I will hold as long as you are 100% committed up to 72 hours. I will allow for longer holds from people who have purchased from me before.
-Please inquire about the condition of items. I will be glad to provide more pictures!
-I MAY except trades. Looking primarily to sell but I will accept trades/partial trades for Noivern/Noibat items I don't have or for commissions. I like 'zards as well :3 I also collect Absol, Axew, Eevee, Sylveon, Piplup, Oshawott, the rest of the starters, and pokedolls but these are very low priority.

All items can be clicked to enlarge!

Auction Items!
Pikazard Poncho! I'm 5'5'' and it fits me! Mint with detached hang tag
Starts @ $50

Angry Pikazard plush. MWT
Starts @ $40


$13 Pikapair key covers (as a set)

Super pretty Shiny Mega Charizard X custom plush by lrk_creations/lyndsaygorawr
He's minky with embroidered details and wire in his wings for posing! I believe he is a foot tall and his wing span is maybe 15-20 inches (I don't have a ruler ><)

$2 ORAS Primal Groudon/Kyogre card thing
$15 Pikazard Pin

$15 Kokeshi tin. Comes with the four cookie packs shown! (the cookies are probably stale by now)

$2 Mega Charizard X TCG figure. Missing one of his mouth flames :(

$10 ILE Regular sitting plush
$14 I love Gothic plush hold for lotad
$3 Kid figre
$6 Eevee and friends figure
$6 custom laying fleece plush
$6 Chupa hold for lotad
$5 Dex charm

$20 each I love Gothic Chandelure MWT x 2
$13 I love Gothic Litwick
$10 Litwick MPC
$8 Little Litwick plush (purple tag)

$2 Litwick Kid
$3 Chandelure attack kid
$3 Litwick rumble u

$10 ILE Glaceon Trump motif MWT
$10 ILE Flareon Trump motif  MWT
$10 ILE Flareon keychain MWT
$11 ILE Leafeon MWT
$9 ILE Leafeon keychain
$10 ILE Umbreon MWT
$15 I love Gothic Umbreon MWT

$15 Japanese PokeCen Fennekin MWT
$10 Fennekin TOMY plush MWT
$8 Toy factory Piplup (left)
$10 Piplup (darker minky one on the right)
$7 I <3 Marine Shellos MWT
$3 :) face Plusle
$4 :D face Plusle
$5 Archen MPC
$14 Sylveon Japanese TOMY MWT
$12 Mini Umbreon Pokedoll plush
$15 Mew Movie 8 UFO
$22 Salamence UFO

$35 whole set or
$6 each (Glaceon on hold for lotad)
Gone: Espeon

$3 Eevee TOMY
$3 Flareon Kid
$1 Flareon felt thing
$5 Flareon Dex charm
$3 Custom Flareon strap
$3 Leafeon kid
$4 Leafeon TOMY

$5 Leafeon Chupa
$3 Leafeon circle stamp
$5 Umbreon Friends figure
$3 Umbreon TOMY
$4 standing Umbreon kid
$4 sitting Umbreon kid
$3 Glaceon standing kid
$3 Glaceon attack kid
$4 Glaceon TOMY
$4 Glaceon rubber head strap

$12 kyun chara
$10 Pita poke
$10 Fennekin line dex charm
$13 Mega Charizard Y dex charm
$13 Mega Absol dex charm

$5 Each Fairy Ippai
Available: Marill, Dedenne
Gone: Sylveon, Mawile, Whimsicott, Gardevoir

$2 BK mew
$2 Tepig Sukui doll
$2 Tepig bottle cap
$2 Emboar bottle cap
$2 Munchlax bottle cap
$3 Zekrom Zukan
$1 Munchlax (either jakks or TOMY) x 2
$2 Munchlax eating kid
$3 Fennekin Chupa
$2 Custom Deino strap
$3 Jirachi rumble u
$2 Salamence TOMY
$4 Fennekin charm

$6 Mint Chespin line Zukan
$5 Druddigon Zukan
$10 Eevee/Leafeon/Glaceon Zukan (Glaceon no peg but he stands fine without it)
$8 Chandelure line zukan

$8 Skitty pokemon time clearfile

All kids $2 unless otherwise noted!

$3 Garchomp
$3 DX Empoleon



$2 Graveler kid MIB

Freebies! Free with any purchase (take as many as you want)
Gone: Infernape

I hope everyone's keeping warm! It's blizzarding outside my window right now --;
Tags: charizard, eevee, eeveelution, espeon, flareon, glaceon, jolteon, kids, leafeon, mega charizard, mega tokyo, pikachu, plush, sales, umbreon, vaporeon
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