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Shaymin hates winter + questions about charm and figure!

Hey guys! So since I've rejoined the community (and hopefully I'll stay active this time), I've been thinking about my collections.  I definitely want to collect my favorite Pokemon; Swablu, Altaria, Dragonite, and the Torchic line! (and maybe some Eeveelutions along the way :D), as well as just anything that interests me.  But first...I've got some questions about some items I have!

I've got this Torchic strap that I was using on my 3DS; until it fell off the strap itself.  I bought it at a local shop during Pokemon league for pretty darn cheap and I'm not sure of what it really is! They were only advertised as Pokemon charm straps.  On the back it just has a Copyright for Nintendo and Gamefreak and it says it was made in China.  Can anyone identify it?

I've also got this little guy.  All it has is what I believe is 'Nintendo' written in Kanji (although it's a little hard to make out since it's so tiny!" and the letters "TRJ" on the back as well.  I found him in middle school wrapped in a tiny package, so I have no idea where he's from!

here he is with a size reference just in case anyone needs it!

If anyone can help identify these guys that would be awesome! Thanks for looking!

Also...Skymin isn't a fan of this crazy weather we've been having.  First a lot of snow, then record low temperatures, then sleet and freezing rain!!

"Spring...where are you?!"
Tags: pikachu, pokemon, skymin, torchic
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