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Want! Buizel Pokedoll :D


Do you see this adorableness! I know I just recently offered to trade some plushes of mine for one, but I'm here in hopes of finding one I can buy (unless someone is interested in trading one :D My Primal Groudon plush and Poseable Mewtwo are still available for trading, and I'd consider trading my Angry Pikazard). skdarkdragon recently had one in their sales thread for 30, so that's how much I'm willing to spend on this cutie :) Any help finding one would be greatly appreciated! There are other Pokedolls and figures I'm searching for but alas! I do not want to risk buying anything my secret spring swap person may have gotten for me so I'll hold off on linking my wants post for now :)

To make this post less boring, tell me your absolute favorite Pokemon and why :D Mine is Zoroark and I have no clue why! I had favorites before gen 5, but not an absolute favorite until I saw Zoroark. It was like love at first sight, I had to have one on my team. I was a bit bummed that Zoroark started off as an event Pokemon of sorts, but once I got one I immediately leveled him to 100, gave him an awesome move set, and he became my go to Pokemon. Reshiram is another big favorite of mine as well :) When I saw Reshiram in the game for the first time, I fell in love. I thought he was profoundly beautiful! Gorgeous! Words cannot even begin to describe! So who is your absolute favorite(s) and why!?
Tags: buizel, plush, pokedoll
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