classypersian (classypersian) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Cookie cutter group buy~

I came across these on pokemon but only want the pikachu one, so I thought why not group buy these?? Each cookie cuter will be 7.50 shipped for payment one, and 2.33 shipped for payment 2 which is from me to you for US members! if anyone wants to combine lemme know so I can give you a new total~

since these seem small im willing to try international if you don't mind me shipping it first and then give you the total then ^^ all slots need to be filled if we are going to see this through ^_^ you can also cut your sandwiches with them :D rice even? The possibilities are endless :0 once these hopefully get filled, I'll pm you my paypal address :)

Granted sales permission by allnia 6-11-14

Chespin: sushirisu paid~
Froakie: nasija
Fenniken: kuro_kage_kun-paid~
Did I spell these right?

All claimed thanks guys :D
nasija and squeakaree I sent you both a pm with payment details ^_^

Change of topic! Would this raichu plush be classified as a rolly polly plush? To me he fits that category but am just wondering if I'm right or not
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