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Pokemon 11th Movie Promos?

Hai everyone, I just have a question on something my brother recently found. One day, my brother came home from a baseball game and brought in a bag from Walmart. And out, he pulled a flat cardboard box, and in the center was featured an 11th movie promo! He said he brought me the last Giratina one, and he had taken the Pikachu for himself. Supposedly, there are 9 in this set, (so says the box), and inside the box there was about 6 tournament illegal cards. (But that was fine for me, since they gave out all 3 Eeveelutions POP series cards <3). Now I've been puzzling over the cards, and I saw that there were little bits of English text here and there. (Like illustrator name, the indication of HP,etc.) I have never owned a Japanese card before, so I'm wondering if these guys are legit? I will post up pictures if anyone wants any, but I just don't have my camera on hand at the moment.

The box was really misleading, too. They put Sky Form Shaymin on the box, but there isn't a Shaymin Lv. X or Shaymin in Stormfront! There might not even be any in the movie promos they're releasing!  (My brother only saw Regigigas, Shieldon, Giratina, and Pikachu.) D:< Phooey.

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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