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Quick Sales!

Hi PKMNcollectors!

I come to you today with a very quick sales post! When I say quick, I mean it has two items XD
I have realised that impulse buys do build up ^^;

BUT, these would be perfect for Secret Spring Swap gifts! ;)


~ All PKMNcollectors rules apply
~ I was granted sales permission on 22nd September 2014 by entirelycliched
~ My mother and I ship from the UK worldwide
~ My feedback can be found here:http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pupstergirl/
~ I ship from a pet friendly home, we have a cat and a dog
~ Paypal only please! (I use my mother's Paypal but I have full permission to use it ^-^)
~ Payment due within 48 hours after I have given you your quote pretty please!
~ Backing out of a commitment will result in negative feedback
~ Prices DO NOT include shipping costs and fees, if this concerns you please feel free to ask for a quote

Now for the fun part!

MIP/MIB set of 4 TOMY figures
Set includes Kyurem, Stunfisk, Terrakion and Emolga as well as matching Pokedex entry cards



I am asking $17 for this set :)

Next, we have a MIP Buneary Zukan!


I'm asking $11 for this zukan :3 SOLD

Thank you for reading, I hope I can find a good home for these little guys. ^^
Tags: buneary, emolga, figures, kyurem, lopunny, stunfisk, terrakion, zukan
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