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PokemonTrader:// Pikazard Palooza Sales (+ more!)



- I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on February 13th 2012. Old Feedback // New Feedback

- I ship internationally from Canada.
- Shipping Rates for bubblemailers - $4.50 (Please ask if you are interested in an alternative shipping method!)

- If you need tracking, that can be arranged.
          - I am not responsible for any lost packages once they leave my possession.

- Payment will be via paypal goods. I will not be accepting paypal gift, concealed cash, e-cheques etc.
          - Sorry! I'd rather us both protected in case something goes awry.

- A quote does not count as a placeholder. Priority goes to the first committed claim.
          - I assume that if you do not reply within 24 hours you are no longer interested. Sorry for any inconvenience.

- Regardless of how many pikazards you order, the shipping rate will remain constant :)

- If you have any further questions, please ask!


2015-02-22 23.49.13
2015-02-22 23.54.38
I am happy to include the inserts that came with the pikazards if you so desire :)

Currently Available:
x4 Balloon Pikazard $11.00/ea
x2 Sleeping Pikazard $11.00/ea
x3 Winking Pikazard $11.00/ea

2015-02-22 23.50.03
This image is here soley to show what they look like without packaging. The above four figures are not for sale, as they are a part of my collection. :) Unfortunately there is no smiling pikazard available, not even I was able to obtain one for my collection :(

2015-02-22 23.55.13
Charizard Mega Battle Pack - $15 shipped.
2015-02-22 23.53.40
x1 - M-Gardevoir EX FA 076/070 - $20 shipped.
x1 - Aggron EX FA - 075/070 - $12 shipped.
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