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Huge Pkmn sales part 2!

Wow I changed my main icon for the first time in seven years!! I FEEL SO OLD HAHA

The first part of my big Pokemon sales is now closed; thank you everyone who bought my items! If you want me to leave you feedback, please ask (though if I notice you left me some I'll most likely leave you feedback in return even if you don't ask). The unsold items from my first sales post are now available here with a lot of new things to look at!

I recently heard that Finnish Posti (our main postal service) is going to raise their prices again, so now is a good time to buy things from me - once the new prices come in effect I'll probably stop shipping internationally and will only ship to EU countries. :'0 The prices are ridiculous as they are, I can't believe they're going to raise them again. :T

Here's a small preview for some of my items!


Yes, there is a super rare mirage Umbreon under the cut!

Please enjoy!

Rules & important stuff - please be sure to read all the following before committing to buy anything!

- Sales permission granted by denkimouse in 2008. My feedback is located here.
- I ship from Finland, so shipping to anywhere outside of Europe tends to be expensive, except for very small items (smaller than Kids figures).
- It usually takes me a week to ship out orders. I'm generally really bad at remembering to let people know once their items have been shipped, but you can always ask me for the exact date! I always keep the receipts~
- I only accept Paypal instant payments - no eChecks!
- I'd rather not hold items for longer than 24 hours, but if you buy a lot, payment plans can be discussed
- Please specify if you're committed to buy the item or if you're just asking for a quote; if you're not being specific about this, I'm going to assume you're just asking for a quote. Asking for a quote doesn't guarantee you get the item if someone else comes after you and commits right away.
- Some of my items are used, some are new or like new; if you're worried about an item's condition, please ask.
- I have cats, so your package may or may not contain some cat hair. I do my best to clean the items (esp plushies) before I ship them but it's pretty much impossible to get rid of every strand of hair, sorry. @ A @;
Sorry about some of the photos being super bad quality, it's practically impossible to take good photos in my apartment in winter! If you want to see better photos of something, just ask and I will do my best!

The sales!

This here is Athena, my beautiful mirage Umbreon I got a couple of years ago from Gin. ;; v ;; She is absolutely gorgeous and unlike any other Umbreon I've ever seen! She's been with me for a while, but I'm thinking about selling her now in case any other Umbreon collector would love her!
I'm going to put a rather hefty price tag on her as I'm a bit hesitant to part with her; she is $600 but I will consider offers as well! Payment plans can be discussed, and I might be interested in partial trades as well. If you want to see more pictures, hit me up. o/ She's in very nice condition, but may have some cat hair on her haha (I will clean her before shipping, ofc!)

Pokecen Eevee 1:1 plush $85
Pokecen Vaporeon plush (JP tags) $30
Leafeon and Glaceon DX plushies $35 each
Eevee Kawaii plush (Banpresto) $50
Glaceon Korotto Manmaru (older version) $65
Leafeon Korotto Manmaru $30
MPC Umbreon, Flareon $16 each
Pastel Vaporeon (from I love Eevee series) $18

Tomy floppy Glaceon $65
Pokecen Eevee cushion $80

Banpresto DX plushies! $28 each
If you buy all three you will get a discount!

Tomy Bunnelby $15
Tomy Meowstic $18
Pokecen Goomy $25
Drifloon Canvas plush $60
Floppy Weavile $35
Ampharos Canvas plush $25 (no tags, otherwise perfect condition)

Oshawott dancing plush $15
Minccino Tomy (EU ver.) $15
Pokecen Litleo $20
Purrloin Tomy $15
Panpour Tomy $15
Dratini Friends plush (somewhat worn, eyes are nice though) $10
Larvesta MPC $8

Pansear, Pansage Tomy plushies $15 each
Pansear, Pansage, Deino MPCs $8 each
Hydreigon MPC $12
Swirlix Pokedoll $20
Mudkip Pokedoll (worn, velboa) $15

Zukan sets! I'm not sure about current going prices for some of these, so feel free to correct me if something seems off. I'm listing these for what I remember paying for them.
Spheal line $40
Zigzagoon line $25 ON HOLD
Swablu line $30
Shinx line $20
Dratini line $80
Houndour line $65
Girafarig (peg is stuck in its stomach) $15

6th gen zukans $8 each
Genesect $4
Turtwig Mystery Dungeon diorama $6
Sold: Froakie, Pancham

Everyone loves Eeveelutions!
Loose Kyun Charas $15 each (Espeon, Glaceon, special pose Eevee)
Boxed Kyun Charas $20 each except Eevee who is $16
MIP Vaporeon Pokecen strap $15
Eevee, Glaceon, Flareon Pokecen straps $12 each (I also have an Espeon available!)
Eevee, Flareon, Espeon Banpresto keychains $16 each
Flareon Kid $5
Leafeon standing Tomy figure (not Moncolle) $8 (I also have the Eevee from this set; he's $6)
Eevee Ippai figure $6
Sylveon, Espeon Chupa figures $11 each

Nidoran galore!
Pokecen badges $8 each
Stamps $5 each
Other figures $2 each (Nidorina & Nidoking Tomy keychain figures are missing their chains and are a bit worn)
Sold: Purple & green Nidoqueens, dark green Nidoking

Small keychains/straps $2 each, except for the movie one with baby Zorua, which is $5
Two leftmost big figures $2 or free with purchase of over $10 (the plastic model one is in pretty awful shape and her tail is broken)
Two rightmost big figures (good condition!) $12 each

Cute bead sprites $3 each for get both for $5!

European candy figures (Shaymin land, Snorunt, Chimecho) $5 each
Totodile & Shinx motion gallery figures $3 each (Shinx has some wear on him)
Poseable Ampharos $13, poseable Steelix $7
Tomy figures & unknown Zorua $5 each, except for Rapidash who is missing his tail - he is $2 or free with purchase of over $10.
Sold: Tomy Arcanine, poseable Ampharos

Clear Swablu, Dratini, Pansage $5 each
Others $2.50 each (some are more worn than others!)
Sold: Sealeo, Caterpie, Dragonair, Litwick, Larvitar, Darumaka, Zorua, Misdreavus

Misc figures etc!
Mawile Pokemon Time strap $12
Pansear, Panpour, Pansage Pokecen straps $5 each
Unknown orange Meowth and blue Raichu $4.50 each
Dragonair Pokecen badge & Mienshao AEON badge $4 each
Lugia & Ho-Oh promo figures $5 each
Aron & Tyranitar figures $3
Others $2.50 each (except Landorus who is $1 or free with purchase over $10)
Sold: Cyndaquil keychain, Ho-Oh, Landorus, Seviper, Cubone on the green base

Pokecen charm sets $7 each, buy all three for $18!
Pokecen stampers $2 each or buy all three for $5!

Deerling, Blitzle, Cubchoo, Dragonair $5 each
Spearow, Pikachu $2 each
Panpour $2
Huntail, Numel $6 each

Custom wooden stamps (not pre-inked) by Pokebox
The back of these have unique drawings but the stamp part is the same for each Pokemon (all Zoruas have the same pic of Zorua, for example)
$4.50 each or buy three for $10!
ON HOLD: Espeon
SOLD: Both Lopunny

Pokemon Trainers (mostly from Pokemon Mate line)
Rubber straps and badge sets $10 each
Metal mascot pairs $12 each
BW2 heroine keychain $9
Sold: Hilda/N metal mascots, Hilbert & Hilda rubber straps, Hilbert/Cheren and Hilda/N badge sets

Pokemon Mate figures (will come with original boxes) $30 each
Mug $20
Let me know if these prices seem too high, I can't remember how much I paid for them! :'0

Chou Get figures $2 each, or get 3 for $5
Pelipper and one of the Turtwigs don't have pegs so theyre $1.50, and you can pick any available base for them for free

Fullcolor Advance figures $3 each! All new in plastic! Buy any of the complete evolution lines (or the two Deoxys) to receive a small discount! c:

Battle Museum figures, all new in plastic as well! $2.50 each or buy two for $4.
Available: Sunkern, Steelix, Starmie, Voltorb, Sunflora, Wooper, Gligar, Clefairy, Butterfree

Medal swings!
Unown, Nidoran f, Porygon2, Meganium $9 each
Others $5 each
Pikachu wooden clips $3 for the pair

Old school paper standees! Bigger pic
Cubone, Rattata, Abra $4 each, others $2 each or get three for $5
Sold: Mr. Mime

Bottle caps!
I just want them gone so if anyone wants to buy them it's $6 for all of them. I don't mind selling separately either, which would make them $1 each.

Skitty clearfile $9 (I also have a Milotic from this set if anyone's interested!)

European lamincards $1 each except for Vaporeon and Raichu who are $4 each
Buy two get one for free!
Zubat and Aggron metal plates $1 each or free with purchase of over $10

Pencils $2 each, except for Blaziken and Mewtwo which are just $1 each (only the bottom two left)
Darumaka/Darmanitan tissue pack $1.50

Misc goodies!
Everything is $1.50 except for Eevee $6, Espeon $12, Sigilyph $3
The boat thingy comes with a tiny Buizel!

Custom Gengar strap $1
Ditto pocket mirror $2
Broken Scyther FCS & bootleg Mew & Charmeleon free with purchase of over $10

Cute stickers!
Free with purchase of $5 or more - you can get one for every $5 you spend
Gone: Whiscash, Manectric, Swampert, attack-ready Poochyena

Thanks for looking! <3
Tags: ampharos, eevee, espeon, figures, flareon, glaceon, houndoom, jolteon, leafeon, mirage plush, nidoking, nidoqueen, nidoran, nidorina, nidorino, panpour, pansage, pansear, people, sales, skitty, sylveon, umbreon, vaporeon, zukan
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