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Grail get!

Phew, managed to snag another (and possibly my last?) Raichu grail! And a Sylveon grail! And some other neat stuff!

This, along with the pokedoll, were my Raichu grails for the LONGEST time.  Mostly I was just too stubborn to spend...a good sum of money on both, as they are quite rare.  But now I have both and I can't believe it! Miracles happen lol.  Anyways he's so cute but so tiny!  I was not expecting the size, but it makes him cuter *u*

Excuse the poor phone photo but I finally got the last Sylveon plush I needed, other than the very rare to find bus pouch case lol. Thank you to jheila for using their middleman service, instead of me trying to figure one out lol.  I also got a bottle cap opener from them but it's not pictured here.

Not so funny story, I lost my first pokewalker I got with HG then I lost the replacement for it and FINALLY I bought a third one...third time's the charm maybe? Hopefully?  Anyways the seller was kind enough to include their sleeve which is awesome!

Finally got a Vulpix kfc plush to match my Seel! So cute!

And finally I went to Katsucon in DC a few weeks ago and got a bunch of stuff, notably the Nidoran plushes I've been looking for, and the Pikachu and Klefki plush!  Very very excited about these finds since i've been wanting them for a while.

Speaking of Katsucon, one more thing!  I cosplayed Sylveon there and wanted to post some pictures because I am very proud of my costume!

Picture taken by Jessica Nigri

Picture taken by my friend!

Anyways, that's all for now!  Thanks for looking!

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