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Who's that Pokemon? :o - A HUGE custom grail appeared!

Hello fellow comm members!
Today I have something I literally feared never would arrive but against all odds (those odds are Richmond CA's horrible post office - no really, they have 1,5 stars on Yelp o_o) arrived at my door after 2 weeks of being stuck in limbo land, the other day making it basically one of the best days in recent history! :D

Here's a little sneak peak, WHO'S THAT POKEMON?
(I think you guys can guess who it is if you know who my favorite 'mon is! :'D)


Can you guess it yet?
Does this horrible who's-that-Pokemon-ms-paint-job help? :'D


Here he is guys!
My VERY first custom Mr.Mime plush!
I've had some amigurumi and a little mini felt guy made but THIS is my first minky plush! This is why I said grail because I've wanted a cuddly minky Mr.Mime since forever! (He's almost ENTIRELY made of minky) cuddly and not to mention HE'S 30 INCHES TALL!
The lovely AMAZING seller: said he'd be about 17 inches so when he popped out of the box, I was UTTERLY surprised! :'D
It's been a task trying to find a place to put him. xD I mea he's almost 1:1!
The craziest part? His price. This would normally cost at LEAST $200 or so but let's just say he was 1/5 the price SHIPPED! @__@

Anyways I better actually show this "little" guy off!

CRAZY EYES OF HAPPINESS. (No really those are just crazy eyes, what the heck? xD)

Ok, I'm 5'4" and look at how huge he is!! :'D


Here he is with his only official plush counterpart & Mime jr Pokedoll!
If the above picture wasn't size reference enough! :D


Here's the picture Cosmic Critter Crafts provided. As you can see, size reference was a bit confusing. I mean he could be Godzilla or on top of a very tiny house. Haha. But honestly I'm STOKED he's so huge!!


*Squeal* What can I say? I just love him! He truly exceeded my expectations! :')
If you guys are looking for insanely low prices AND amazing quality - not to mention shortest turnaround ever, then you have to check out Cosmic Critter Crafts!
I could not be happier, this guy is the final piece for me to do an overdue 1 year collection post! :3
(Now I just have to find to time to set everything up! :'D)

I'll have a video with him up in a week or so which I'll post so you guys can see how he moves if you wish! ^__^

Thanks for watching/reading/looking! <3

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