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New goodies.~ c:

I've got lots of new goodies in the mail. :D
I planned on posting everything I got on Friday when I opened most of them, but the weekend went by so fast between work and such that I forgot to post. I wasn't really expecting as much as I got in the mail today so I had to combine both of my new goodies into one big super gets post. :D

Look at all of them! (Can you tell I changed my sheets, too? xD)


Starting with Saturday. :3
So many things. <33

First, I got two more official plushies! :D I have two more coming in the mail, one I'm starting to make payment plans on, and then all I need is a few Pokedoll releases~
I'm beyond excited right now.

Pretty folders! :D I have to buy a frame for these two beautiful things.~

Older PokeBox stuff! :D I really love that little Umbreon stamp! >u<

Sttiiicckeerrrsss.~ Tons of new stickers. :D
I told myself I wouldn't ever buy more than a few stickers. Whoops. ^^'

Custom sculpt by lillyann123 :3 He's so cute with the pink bow, I can't take it! ~<3
The custom plush head was purchased by a user on Etsy.~

Newer PokeBox stuff! :D
Gosh, I can't get enough of these guys.~

Next up is Today's new things.~
There's a lot less Umbreon in this one.. ^^'

Liiike, Lunatone and Solrock! :D
The kid figures look so nice next to my Umbreons and Espeons! <3 I wish they had more official items. ;n;

The Espeon dice is much larger than expected. .~.
And I finally got the Pikachu shopping charm with Umbreon and Espeon on it! :D
The cookies made it here safely as well!

Look look look! <3 Finallyyy~ <3
I got the Lollipop charm! :D Thank you so much acidmimi! <3

I also got the gold and silver chou figures! :D So much yes. <3
And a few more Cyndaquils for my side collection, I couldn't help it.~

A very cute custom with my new 2007 Umbreon Pokedoll! :D I now have two of them.~
He was a steal, too! And in very good condition. I'm so happy with him.

Size reference of the custom.
I swear, he's 1000x cuter in person.~

Next up is this really cool book using Pokemon to help Japanese children learn English..
but it can be used the other way around, too! :D

It features mostly gen 1-3, with a tiny bit of gen 4.
Umbreon and Espeon are both featured twice! <3

If you guys want to see more pages of the book, or are wondering if any specific Pokemon are in it, shoot me a comment and I'll flip through it and let you see! :D


Also, I got this Meowth figure (not sure what it is) and this Eevee TCG Figure.
I don't have sales permission, but I'd be more than happy to trade them for things off my wants list.~
My feedback can be viewed here.
Additional photos can be sent upon request. :3

Thanks for looking!
Some of the pictures were done pretty sloppy (sorry ;n;) but if you want to see everything more up close and individually, you can always check it out on my collection site here.

The stuff from today isn't on there yet, I'm afraid..I'm feeling a little lazy at the moment. ^^
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