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omega update part 3!

I had meant to do this update yesterday since it was my birthday (I'm 23 now! Yay old!) but I decided to keep it til today so I can get proper photos in the day light.

Mini reintro:
I'm your friendly neighborhood groudon collector! On top of groudon I collect his primal version, the Vanillite line, Quilladin and Chesnaught, Meloetta's Pirouette form, and pokedoll figures!
Today, I'll be focusing on my primal collection as it's the one that's grown the most since the release of Omega Ruby.

here's an overall view of my entire collection! Click under the cut for a look at the primal shelves.

This is over on the side of the shelves - bags! and my scarf! I used the custom bag devi made me last spring swap for a while but decided to put it on display so i don't ruin it. ;u;

Since I sold my pokedoll charms, I let my flat primal stuff take over this board. During the past couple months I ended up getting a lot of cool custom charms. <3

Here's the top. Plush, figures, boxes and shirts! I love the PokemonCenter primal shirt, I haven't worn it but I might buy an extra just to wear.

Big main shelf! Lots of cool stuff.

Here's a more in depth look. I'm so happy to have the mug! Another user showed it to me back in december and had intended to get me one, but never happened. So glad it ended up showing up on YJ. <3
I also really love the little inflatable! It's so random and cute.

Here's so more random stuff. I really love the tomy figure and the packaging too!

Here's the middle, small shelf. It's mostly tech accessories and card accessories.

there's some sockies too!

aaand bottom shelf! even more accessories and some flat things.

The ORAS pokemon center print is one of my favorite artworks - I'm so glad I got lots of things with it! Especially the tin, which I also had these awesome cookies in too.

More things like deck boxes and 3ds cases. i love everything here! <3

finally - birthday surprise! I recieved this in the mail today from one of my friends who disappeared from me. It makes me very happy to know that even though I haven't talked to him since, well, my last birthday, that he still thinks of me! I already have one of these, but now I have one to hang out on my bed too. <3

I have also updated my collection site with all my new groudon stuff and everything else!

Take a look!

Finally, I am offering free shipping (or a discount if you're outside the US) in my etsy shop. I have lots of things for order and do take commissions too.

You can find the coupon code(s) at the top of my shop. :3
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