[~ Kari XIII ~] (rentorar) wrote in pkmncollectors,
[~ Kari XIII ~]

Mini Sales!

Just a very quick sales post, I shall hopefully be posting later today with my latest SMJ box (NOTE: This is NOT the box with the badges - This box actually arrived last week, but I'm only just getting around to taking pics).
On the note of pin badge group auction - We JUST scraped together the money. The total ended up being more than expected though, so I'll be paying for EMS shipping out of my own pocket. Those who haven't paid have been bolded - There's no rush still, but it would be appreciated to let me know you'll be paying when they arrive!

All items $3 each!

Skitty has minor dirt at top - Ask for a pic. Flygon is $2.

Payment by Paypal, etc. etc.
Shipping to the UK is $2, EU is $2.50, US is $4.

Drifloon Canvas Plush ending in under 2 1 hours!
Tags: darkrai, dialga, drifblim, flygon, lickilicky, pikachu, riolu, skitty
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