Lotad (lotad) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Even more gets.~

Jeeze, everything is coming in the mail at once all in bulk. ;u;
It's so delightful yet aggravating.

I've managed to add most of it to Weebly, but it's been super laggy and won't let me load half of my pages. It keeps giving me an "error, the server is not connected to the internet" popup but everything else works perfectly fine.
Ugh, I just wanna update my collection before I get too many things in and it's overwhelming.

Small issues aside, my newest things are under the cut. :D


Not very much this time, but everything here was too great not to share.~
Most of them are new gorgeous customs. <3

First up, stickers. :D
These were without a doubt an impulse buy, but I couldn't resist them. I'm such a sucker for custom Umbreon flats.

Next is this really pretty paperweight from a seller on eBay. :D
She had an Eevee one, and it was too adorable for me to not ask her to make me an Umbreon. I'm not disappointed at all.~

This mirror is absolutely stunning, and I'm not sure if I should take it out of the packing or not. It made it really hard to photograph, but the Umbreon/Espeon promo is one of my favorites and I'm so happy to finally have this beauty in my collection. <3

The mini Pokedoll is adorable, and I have to get them credit on nailing how hard it is to make this thing stand, just like the larger ones.

Next up are too amazing customs that my mediocre photography skills can't capture correctly.
They're just flawless, I'm amazed at how great these look and I love them so much! >w<

Then we have this Umbreon throw pillow that made me get a whole new bed set entirely just so it would match better.
It's so pretty, I just had to make sure it was properly displayed. :D
Plus, it's mainly white so all of the white cat hair doesn't invade it.~

And lastly, this Sylveon/Eevee/Pikachu throw blanket that I just had to have. :D
Look, jheila~ I bought two. c;
I found this at the mall a few hours ago and was in need of a new blanket that matched my room anyway, so this definitely works.~

Thanks for looking again.~
Hopefully Weebly stops being so difficult so I can add all of my new pretty things. :3
I haven't ordered very many other things, so you guys don't have to worry about my constant updates for awhile!
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